Chris Pierre is a pro skater you probably never heard of. He popped up out of nothing and makes everyone speechless with his skills at every skatepark!

He originally comes from New York and started skating at the age of 5. After many years of hard work and talent he turned pro, moved to Los Angeles and lives his best life in the city of angels.

We had the chance to meet him at the Venice Beach Skatepark in Los Angeles.


Chris Pierre

He definitely puts his heart and soul into the whole skating game! Every time he doesn’t land a trick, no matter how tired he is, he claims to try it “one more time!” until he does.

It’s an honor to work with Chris because he matches well to Jay Blanc! He is driven by motivation, he is creative and down to earth.

That’s the point what distinguishes him from other skaters. He explained, that he likes to be low-key. Once he stands on his board, everyone will notice his skills in seconds, no need to flex.