Founded in 2016 by Justin Weber, Jay Blanc [d͡ʒeɪ-ˈblaŋ] is the artistic lifestyle brand which represents progressive luxury streetwear inspired by the urban flair of Frankfurt and the American east & west coast culture.

First of all Justin comes from a skate and art background. What he learned on the streets and behind the camera or a blank canvas is the foundation of his exclusive fashion label: loving your crew, aesthetic is key,  working precisely and creating your own style.

With Jay Blanc, he wants to set new benchmarks in the market constantly. That’s the reason why our customers all around the globe trust in JB. Because of that sport stars and artists already started wearing the designs, which is a big statement.

“I believe that quality always comes before quantity, especially for luxury streetwear. Telling a story is my main goal. I want to evoke emotion through my brand and grow a big Blanc Family.”
– Justin