Founded in 2016 by Justin Weber, Jay Blanc [d͡ʒeɪ-ˈblaŋ] is a german luxury fashion brand and creative studio born out of Frankfurt am Main. Balancing minimalistic designs with high-end techniques.

The creative direction is primarily shaped by Justin’s personal environment and interests. Drawing inspiration from sports, art, traveling & architecture influences the foundation of Jay Blanc: loving your crew, aesthetic is key, attention to detail and creating your own style. From a young age, Justin has been deeply passionate about cars and the broader lifestyle culture surrounding them. Which inspired him to create a similar community, combining all interests.

With Jay Blanc, the whole Team wants to build a brand which is known for its perfect fits and flawless quality.

“Our goal is to create a brand which can easily compete with the biggest designer brands of the world, but making it more accessible. On top of that, our mission is to create an awesome community.”

– Justin