If you are the type to pay close attention to details and where your clothes are being manufactured, you may have noticed that „Made in Portugal“ has become more and more common in the designer world.

The Portuguese fashion industry is known for its impressive craftsmanship and expertise in high-quality clothes. „Made in Portugal“ is a symbol of reliability as well, which means the product was made in an environment that is socially and ecologically responsible.

Therefore we are proud to tell you that all of our garments are manufactured in Portugal. What does it mean for you? – you get high-end products with Italian or French-level quality!

The best is yet to come: It is all organic. So we can assure you that our garments are made out of sustainable fabrics – because we love purity.


Producing our clothes in Portugal does not just mean that it has been made with love in every detail, it also means that it is eco friendly.

The distance between Portugal and Germany is not far away. So there is less CO2 emission to ship the garments to our headquarter!