First things first. It’s incredible how fast the Hoodies were sold out. Thank you to everyone ordered a Hoodie and you can already call yourself lucky that you have received one, since it’s a limited piece. We already get a lot of messages, if a T-Shirt will follow for summer. And the answer is simple: YES!

We are currently working on a perfect T-Shirt fit.
So everyone who wasn’t able to get your hands on a Hoodie, you have another chance to secure yourself a T-Shirt.

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    If you’re a fan of vintage cars, especially Porsche, you definitely have come across the Porsche 911 build by WF. This beautiful green over tan Porsche 911 has gone viral on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok recently.

    We came up with a Hoodie made for car enthusiasts, so everybody can enjoy a part of this artwork and passion.

    The backprint features a hand drawn picture of the Porsche 911 parked in front of an orange tree. The orange tree gives the image a mediterranean summer feeling and creates a beautiful contrast with the green classic car.

    The Hoodie will be available on Wednesday (3. May). It currently gets printed, next step will be a little photoshoot.

    Update: The limit of 150 pre-orders was reached faster than expected. Which lead to be sold out even before the actual drop! Since we don’t want to upset everyone who waited until the drop, we are going to restock 50 pieces. The restock drop will be on the 17. May and you are able to pre-order again, to save a Hoodie. No restock will follow.